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What does 'Loading: E-mail' do? Sometimes it takes forever (8min +)

Hi Guys.

A customer is running SO 84R04.

Sometimes the loading of their Windows client takes forever. It stops at 'Loading: E-mail', and then nothing happens. If I shot SO down, and starts it again, everything seems to be fine. Its not always it stalls, and I haven't found a solid way of reproducing it. Most reliable time is the first time at day, you log onto SO windows.

My question is: What does the 'Loading: E-mail' actually do? 

Maybe I can debug this issue, if I know what exactly is being loaded :).

RE: What does 'Loading: E-mail' do? Sometimes it takes forever (8min +)

Yes, I am afraid I have to admit that I have observed this once or twice on my machine.
All I know is this:
When it happens, I have had Mail Link installed.
I normally don't. E-mail is not my domain and I am not a typical SuperOffice user.
Also, I launch SoCrm.exe countless times a day so I cripple away all I possibly can..

When it happened, I got as far as finding that we are blocking while trying to instantiate a COM object that I believe has to do with e-mail and mail link. And indeed, it can block for several minutes!
At one time I was able to fix it by installing the latest ML.

If you cannot get unstuck, then you need to register a support case and some Mail heavy will have to look into it.

Af: Conrad Weyns 13. nov 2019

RE: What does 'Loading: E-mail' do? Sometimes it takes forever (8min +)

Hi Conrad.

I managed to catch the error right in the act. In this case it took about 5 min to load.

Funny thing is - after its done loading, the email functionality doesn't work proper in SuperOffice anymore.

I'm able to open outlook, by pressing the Email button in SO. But I can't open 'New email' in Outlook, when I click on any email address in SuperOffice.

EDIT: Sorry didn't get the before-time with me, when I copy pasted it. But it was something like 10:26:00. So the loading of Email itself took 5 min.


[SOCRM.exe] Cannot read mail, there is no connection to MapiMail. Src: SMailAccountReader::InitReader at c:\agent1\_work\165\s\clients\\source\rdb\mailaccountreader.cpp v line 365 
191119 10:31:24 BB 
[SOCRM.exe] HDB Cache hit rate 76%. Details: 84 hits, 26 misses, 9188 elements total; 536870911 memory limit, 16472333 used. Max used: 16472333, total loaded: 9188, total purged: 0. Src: SHdbCache::OutputStatistics at c:\agent1\_work\165\s\clients\\source\hdb\hcache.cpp v line 649


Af: Kasper Rosenlund 19. nov 2019

RE: What does 'Loading: E-mail' do? Sometimes it takes forever (8min +)

Hi Kasper,
hard to give any good help/advice here.
Our mail system requires a Simple MAPI compliant e-mail client.
It is up the installed email client to register itself as MAPI server.
If this blocking happens after a fresh OS Restart then there could be something wrong with the email client installation.
If this blocking occurs apparently randomly, I'd be inclined to have a look with a process explorer to see if there are Outlook processes hanging. I.o.w. did Outlook actually crash leaving the process hanging (without GUI). If so, does it help to force terminate these processes.
OML could be responsible for the crash or alt. a hanging process when quiting OL.


Af: Conrad Weyns 25. nov 2019

RE: What does 'Loading: E-mail' do? Sometimes it takes forever (8min +)

I tried dumping timers on startup of the Windows client, and got the following. Notice the 5 min gap in the middle.

Does this tell anyone something?


12:36:53:237 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.000004 SMailAccountAdministrator::IsConfiguredClient
12:36:53:237 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 300.964916 SMailSenderAddIn::CanDoReply
12:36:53:237 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 300.964857 SMailSenderAddIn::MakeSender
12:41:54:199 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.000037 SMailSenderAddIn::CanDoForward
12:41:54:199 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.000004 SMailSenderAddIn::CanDoReply
12:41:54:199 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.000004 SMailSenderAddIn::CanDoForward
Af: Kasper Rosenlund 29. nov 2019

RE: What does 'Loading: E-mail' do? Sometimes it takes forever (8min +)

Hi Kasper,

Nothing new I am afraid.
MakeSender is blocking here:

HRESULT res = ::CoCreateInstance( m_CLSID, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IMailSender, (void**) &m_pSender );

IID_IMailSender GUID:

MIDL_DEFINE_GUID(IID, IID_IMailSender,0x6529c4b6,0xd693,0x4e83,0x9e,0x1c,0x2d,0x51,0x65,0x10,0x14,0x7e);

IMailSender and IMailReader are APIs that we have defined.
As I see it, some dll implementing this interface is responsible for comunicating with your e-mail client.

So I guess, this could be some OML dll that we make.
This is where my knowledge of this system stops.

I have had a short talk with Jostein and I gather that at this stage, the "layer" between us and OL is wanting to call into our COM Application object to get some preferences. But this is not new and has worked for a long time.

So why is it hanging here for 8 mins? Is it timing out? But that seems to me to be an excessively long time out.
I am afraid that until I can set up a proper debugging environment where I can reproduce this consistently, I am not even able to make an educated guess.
I suggest you register a support case so this can get prioritized by Erik Eide.



Af: Conrad Weyns 30. nov 2019