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Win: Custom archive with browser pane

Interested in a Custom archive with a horz. browser pane?
If I am not mistaken, this has been available since some SR in 8.0.

Try the following config file:

--------------------- PersonWithBrowser.config ---------------
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <archive providername="person" guiname="personwithbrowser" hostname="ContactArchive">
      windowname="Person with browser"
      tooltip="Devnet demo. \r\nPerson with browser bound to current contact in contact archives..."
    <view columnspacer="false" debugcolumns="true" columnheader="true" reconfigure="true" fielddataviewer="true" archiveinfo="true"></view>
    <toolbar add="true" delete="true" export="true" countinfo="true" liveupdate="true"></toolbar>
    <live contact="true" person="true"></live>
      <column name="personId" default="true"/>
      <column name="firstName" default="true"/>
      <column name="lastName" default="true"/>

You should get something like this:


The binding happens with the browserbaseurl= attribute.
Since this attribute lives int the custom section, it will require a restart after a change.
Upon a host context identity change, the page will be reloaded.

Just so you know...

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