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DeleteProjectEntity does not delete everything ?

Hey guys.

I had the notion that when we used NetServer functions, the behaviour would be like GUI i.e when pushing the delete button on a project it would delete everything related to that entity as long as it wasnt in conflict with other things.

Isnt that true ? 

If we are to delete for instance a project entity by code what other things do you suggest we delete alongwith the project ?



RE: DeleteProjectEntity does not delete everything ?


No, deleting an entity does not have cascading deletes on all associated information. This is true for all NetServer "Sales" client entities.

Best regards.

Af: Tony Yates 20. sep 2019

RE: DeleteProjectEntity does not delete everything ?

I would have thought that if you use the Entities.Project, this would be taken care off.
But Win model also deletes:
- Description Text
- Favourites
- Urls
- Publisher
- Audience
- ActivityLinks
- UDef data
- Project Members
- SuperListColumnSize records (bound to project owner)


Af: Conrad Weyns 20. sep 2019