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Documentation on ISelectionAgent.GetSelectionMembers­ArchiveRows Method


I am trying to use the GetSelectionMembersArchiveRows to get all selectionMembers in my selection with id = 1.
I have created a short snipit that gets my selection and loops through them: 

NSSelectionAgent selectionAgent; 
NSArchiveListItem[] result = selectionAgent.GetSelectionMembersArchiveRows(1, "associate, orgNr, name");

for (Integer n = 0; n < result.length(); n++)
  Map m = result[n].GetColumnData();
  print(m.get("associate") + ";" + m.get("orgNr") + ";" + m.get("name")  + "\n");

In the documentation(ill put in at the bottom) is says i should include a select-string in GetSelectionMembersArchiveRows (it says its optional but i get nothing back if i dont specify anything here). When i include "assocaite, orgnr, name" it only prints out name in the result: 

I have 3 questions regarding this: 
1. Can i get ALL columns, without spesifying them individually in the select? 

2. Where can i find a list of all valid columns to choose from? Are they dependant on the same columns being used in the selection (this only shows the columns in the GUI, so i assume this is not the case?
3. Can i somehow find what columns are currently being used in the selection, so i can dynamically specify the same columns in my output? 

Here is the documentation: 


RE: Documentation on ISelectionAgent.GetSelectionMembers­ArchiveRows Method


Related to your question what columns you can use, it's the column's defined in the %Selection archive provider.

Contact/Person Selection:





For your example "name,orgnr,contactAssociate/fullName" should work.

You can find what columns are currently configured per associate in the "SUPERLISTCOLUMNSIZE" table, listOwner is "%SelectionMemberArchive" (ProjectSelectionMemberArchive, SaleSelectionMemberArchive, etc). listColumn contains the column name, assoc_id is the associate the configuration belongs to.

Af: David Hollegien 28. nov 2018

RE: Documentation on ISelectionAgent.GetSelectionMembers­ArchiveRows Method


Thanks, that was exactly what i needed! :)


Af: Eivind Johan Fasting 28. nov 2018

RE: Documentation on ISelectionAgent.GetSelectionMembers­ArchiveRows Method

from looking inside the service implementation I think that this technique will only work for static selections.
(not for dynamic, combined or shadow contacts)

Another source for finding column keys is: SoArchiveColumnList.config which I suspect must live somewhere on your crm server.

You will need to know what a selections type is to find the correct column keys in the relevant selection provider.


Af: Conrad Weyns 28. nov 2018