Issues with getDownloadUrl


We very often use the function a.getDownloadUrl(....) and its been working great.
But, we just implemented one our our solutions for a customer and it does not work as intended.

We recive the correct URL.

But, once we run the link, we just hit the customer portal and the message: You do not have access to this page.

If i generate an internal url (rms.fcgi), it works just fine, but thats not an option in this case.

We have noted that SOME older files works, but not new onces.
And it doesnt matter if the attachment is uploaded through service GUI, created by base64, and of course, the request/message is external and so forth.

This is an old old customer with a previous onsite installation.

Exactly the same code works flawless for 10+ other online customers.

Any ideas?

Pär Pettersson

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