SpmShipment, how do I use it so it actually sends out a mailing automatically?

I have a customer who wants to create and send a scheduled mailing automatically.

With the shipment class I can create a shipment, and add recipients to it.

But the mailings are never sent out automatically. And the recipients are not really loaded. Only the lists are added.

So either something is not working as expexted or I am missing to add some important parameters or call some important script methods.

I cannot find them in the ClassObject but perhaps there are some un documented procedures I have to follow.

Anyone knows? I need help

(Also, there are quite a lot of paremeters that cannot be set by CRM script, so the API need to be updated)

Code needed:

DateTime dt;

SpmShipment shp;
shp.setDescription("GC Description 8 0 min");
shp.setMessage(22); //


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