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Using personInterestIds - Person Archive Provider

Hi @all,

i am using the ArchiveAgent a lot at the moment and noticed that the supported column "personInterestIds" of the Person archive provider dont work like expected.

See the person card with the selected interests here:

And see the output of the script here:

I only get the first selected interest name "Referenz". But i expect either all interest names or persint_id´s.

Should it be like this?


See code here:

  #setLanguageLevel 3;

  String header = "person_id;firstname;lastname;personInterestIds\r\n";
  String rows = "";

  NSArchiveRestrictionInfo[] restrictions;

  NSArchiveRestrictionInfo restrictionAssociate;

  NSArchiveRestrictionInfo restrictionEmail;

  NSArchiveOrderByInfo[] order;

  String[] entities = String("person").split(",");

  NSArchiveAgent archiveAgent;

  NSArchiveListItem[] archiveRows = archiveAgent.GetArchiveListByColumns("Person", String("personId,firstName,lastName,personInterestIds").split(","), order, restrictions, entities, 0, 1000);

  for (Integer i = 0; i < archiveRows.length(); i++)
    String rowData = archiveRows[i].GetColumnData().toJson().substitute("[I:","").substitute("[D:","").substitute("]","");
    XMLNode xml = parseJSON(rowData);

    String personId = xml.getValueFromPath("personId");
    String firstName = xml.getValueFromPath("firstName");
    String lastName = xml.getValueFromPath("lastName");
    String interestIds = xml.getValueFromPath("personInterestIds");

    rows += personId + ";" + firstName + ";" + lastName + ";" + interestIds + "\r\n";

  print(header + rows);


Tested in SOD.


RE: Using personInterestIds - Person Archive Provider

Hi Dennis,

This has been the case for a long time (always?), but I agree that it is not very logical. The only way to fetch the interests at the moment is by doing extra queries for each result in the archive results.

Af: Matthijs Wagemakers 14. maj 2019

RE: Using personInterestIds - Person Archive Provider

Keep in mind the distinction between a column as an output channel and a column as a restriction channel.
personInterestIds is default Invisible as a GUI column, but visible as a restriction (e.g. find contact/person) where you then get to add interest ids from a list...


Af: Conrad Weyns 14. maj 2019