December 19, 2017, Online Subscription Agreement

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    Today, December 19th, 2017, with immediate effect, the following changes have been made to the SuperOffice CRM Online Subscription Agreement.

    Terms of Service - changes

    Paragraph 1. Scope of the Agreement

    Final sentence: The date has been changed from "June 18, 2015" to "December 19, 2017".

    Paragraph 9.2 Controller's (Customer's) responsibilities

    Second paragraph, last sentence: "All data in the Service are stored on servers located in Norway." has been changed to "All data in the Service are stored on servers located in EU/EEA (European Economic Area)."

    Third paragraph, removed the last sentence: "Furthermore, the Controller shall in its agreements with the Data-subjects, expressly state that the data subjects, by entering into such agreement, actively consent for the Processor to exploit its access to the data to send targeted advertising per e-mail to the Data-subjects and/or the Controller."

    Paragraph 12. Amendments to the number of Users covered

    Changed the second sentence from: "These orders shall be issued by e-mail, by using an order form, sending an e-mail or by ordering online through our web shop called SuperMarket." to "These orders shall be issued by e-mail or by using an order form."

    Paragraph 20. Who are you contracting with:

    Updated company address for SuperOffice Benelux B.V. from "Koninginnenlaan 15 5211 WD 's, Hertogenbosch, Netherland" to "De Admirant, Emmasingel 29.41, 5611 AZ Eindhoven, Nederland".