How to undelete contacts?

A customer deleted 5000 company records. They are in the recycle bin. We need to undelete most of them. Reading another thread you just have to null out the DeletedDate in the database. Is this correct or are there some undesirable side effects when I do that?


RE: How to undelete contacts?


havent tested this myself but from reading this blog from Marek it looks like setting NULL should 'un-delete' it: 

"But they are not gone from the database, and the new Recycle Bin in the Sales client will show them. There you can Recover them, which simply means that the deletedDate is reset… and voilá, the record is back." 

It shouldnt have any side-effects to un-delete them like this, as deletedDate is set to mark them for actuall deletion after a given time (14 days?). 


Af: Eivind Johan Fasting 24. aug 2020

RE: How to undelete contacts?

I thought so, but I wasn't sure. I'll try it tommorow. Thanks!

Af: Rainer Hofmeister 24. aug 2020