listTableId of new email-template list wrong on some upgrades


We are experiencing the issue that the listTableId of the new email template list is set to '-31073' instead of '30003'. This happends both in the UDLISTDEFINITION and HEADING table.

This only seems to happen when you upgrade from a 8.4 to 8.5 with the new list. For example at a customer that upgraded from '8.4.6915.14' to '8.5.7458.11' the listTableId was set to the wrong value, but an customer upgraded 8.0 SR1 to 8.5.7227.16 to 8.5.7458.11 it wasn't set wrong.

For reference this is how to fix this:

UPDATE crm.UDLISTDEFINITION SET listTableId = 30003 WHERE listTableId = -31073
UPDATE crm.HEADING SET listTableId = 30003 WHERE listTableId = -31073

Anyone give insight into why this is happening? (Marek?)

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