Mass remove ERP link in SuperOffice for "abandoned" links

Hi everybody


I have a client, who's using the erp link in SO to connect to navision with the help of the keyforce module.


The problem is that the link in superoffice stays in place, even after the linked contact in navision does not exist anymore.


So we end up with a mark inside of superoffice that indicates a link to navision, that should not be there - as the contact in navision no longer exist.


So there's quite a few in their database that needs to be unlinked, and i can do that by manually going to each contact and do it. But there's just a lot of them, so i would be able to do it much quicker via a script.


So i tried that, and i found NSErpSyncAgent has a breakactor function - but that specific class is restricted in online, so i can't use it with CRMScript - so i registered a custom app for it, but then the customer needs to have a test environment setup in order for me to test the script, which is really not a custom app - but more of a one off thing. 


I have the list of customers in a excel sheet, ready to run through - but do i really need to go through all of this custom app procedure to fix this seemingly simple issue - or is it something you can maybe do behind the scenes @ SuperOffice?


Ingen svar endnu!