Contacts Legal Basis in superoffice shown (none)


For some reason, when contacts are imported from hubspot over integration, legal basis shown up as none. Behind legal basis there is its own row called HubSpot and all necessary information is there, but because there is nothing in sales and service (because it was originally registered in hubspot), it does not show correct information in contact main screen neither in legal basis upper right corner. Is there something we can do about this to fix it?

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The field you are refering to is directly bound to the consent record for Sales and Service.
There is none so the GUI is correct.
But perhaps the import is not? Not sure what we are doing for consent when importing.

Af: Conrad Weyns 26. okt 2018

Thanks Conrad

Would it be better then to remove hubspot Purpose and instead use Sales and Service? Then we could use a source as HubSpot and everything starts to fall into places :). 



Af: Ingar Mölder 26. okt 2018

Hi Ingar,
I am not a GDPR expert.
I know a bit about how it is implemented (in Win).

To be more precise, the Sale and Service row represent the purpose STORE (see Admin/Privacy)
It answers the question: "Why is this person registered in our database?"

There are 2 basic important purposes: STORE and EMARKETING.
The hypertext field on the person card represents the STORE purpose.

So, my guess is that your HubSpot consent could perhaps end up in the STORE consent




Af: Conrad Weyns 26. okt 2018

You are correct.

The STORE purpose is shown as 'Sales and Service' in the user interface.

Hubspot is the source of the consent, but it is not the purpose of the consent.

Af: Christian Mogensen 27. okt 2018