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Custom Archives and "maillings" filter


I have 2 customers having trouble with custom archives showing certain documents based on document type. Custom Archives itself works, but if you have "mailings" filter checked, nothing will be displayed. If you remove the "maillings" filter setting, everything is ok. Anyone else experienced this? They are both using 8.2 (r04 and r06) and web.


Anne Lene

RE: Custom Archives and "maillings" filter

I think I know what the problem is. This is typical of the activity provider.
The activity provider combines many subprovider that have overlapping column names.
Type is typically one of those. There is no way to unambiguously use this column name as a restriction for document type only.
Typically, the latest additions to the activity provider, like mailings and chat, have sort of kidnapped this.
When you turn Off the mailings entity, then you get lucky and your type restriction is routed to the correct subprovider.

My recomendation is: use the DocumentProvider for filtering on document type instead of the activity provider.
You will only get document rows then but your filtering will work.


Af: Conrad Weyns 12. jun 2018