Delivery Address in Quotes

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We have created a quote for a client and would like to include both the payment address and the delivery address on the first page. The payment address is working fine but I have been unable to find a way to access the delivery address if the user chooses "Custom" as in the screenshot below.

Are there variables available to access the delivery addess if it differs from the payment address?

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RE: Delivery Address in Quotes

Hi Brian! 

Thanks for a good question!

Yes, you can access a delivery address if you have the following variables:

{qda2} – company name

{qda3} – Street

{qda5} – zip code and city

{qda6} – Country


In addition to mention:

we have variables for Invoice and Delivery custom address.


Delivery address (as above):

{qda2} – company name

{qda3} – Street

{qda5} – zip code and city

{qda6} – Country


Payment/invoice address :

{qia1} – company name

{qia2} – Street

(qia3} – zip code and city

{qia4} – Country.



I hope this helps for you. Please do not hesitate to ask, if you have more questions. 


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Af: Vilma Karaleviciute 27. apr 2017

RE: Delivery Address in Quotes


I have been testing this issue with other parameters (different country address format according to the selected language) and it seems that the best practice is to use all Delivery or Payment group variables in the document template. This will help you to avoid confusions and missing information. 

The variable should be as below.

Delivery to:










Payment address:










In addition, the Quote document should be generated only after the address information is filled correctly in the details:

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Af: Vilma Karaleviciute 3. maj 2017