How to link sale to customer in diary

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When I am creating a "calendar" entry I am able to choose a company.

After I have chosen the correct company I want to select a sale regarding this company, however the list over sales, shows every single sale in Superoffice, and is not filtered to correspond with the chosen company?

As seen in the picture below I have chosen the company "FutureLink Solutions ApS" and tried to select the correct "Support" sale, however it shows our support sales for every single one of our customers?

I simply want to show only the sales regarding the selected customer?


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Hi Henrik.

Unfortunately SuperOffice doesn't filter sales regarding the chosen company (and/or person). But normally the company is shown in brackets behind the title of the sale on the list item.

How do you link the sale to the company?

A workaround is to put the name of the company belonging to a chosen 'Supportaftale' in the title directly.

Af: Kasper Rosenlund 21. okt 2019

In the Sale searcher, try searching for the company name, not the sale name.
Still not what you want but might be helpfull...


Af: Conrad Weyns 21. okt 2019

It does show the company on a lot of em, but not all, and the list isn't sorted or anything...
I find it rather odd when you might have a TON of different sales going on for one customer that I have to look through potentially 100s and 100s of sales to find the correct one =/ 

Af: Henrik Visby 21. okt 2019


Probably hard to think of a single feature that could not be improved - given the right use case and data in the datbase - it is a never ending story but it keeps us busy :-)

The Person navigator searcher has been improved with support for multiple strings and it looks in contact, E-mail a.o...
(Even the Win client is using this now and asynchronously to boot!)
I suspect this should be done for all searchers. Register a wish.

When all else fails, click the Looking glass icon and use the so called Advanced Find dialog.

I know, not what you want but still.

Af: Conrad Weyns 21. okt 2019

Hi Henrik,


I have registered a wish for you:

Af: Henk Schepers 22. okt 2019

Good wish!

Maybe this small "workaround" will help. If you are on the sale in question when you create the task you will automatically have the sale added and also any contact, person and project the sale is registered against. This way you can have all four fields automatically filled in.

Might help?

Af: Stein Ove Sektnan 22. okt 2019