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Link to sale always direct to the same sale

Hi Forum.

I have a strange case. If I try to nagivate to a sale in SO through a link, SO always redirect to the same sale. I'm able to do it consistanly in my own demo, and in a customers (who reported the behaviour to me) Online solution as well.
The customer have a test environment (which was copied 3 weeks ago), but we can't replicate the same behavior here. Its on the same version as their production.

We suspect the latest Online update to play a role.

Take my own demo as an example.

If I from a SuperOffice session try to navigate to the following link: redirects to sale with ID 1:


No matter how I format the link, it always redirect to the same default sale. I've tried

  • Using smallest format possible:
  • Copy shortcut from the sale under a company.
    This redirects to owner of the  default sale, and highlighting the default sale.
  • On any sale, selecting the url in the browser and pressing enter.
    Jumps to the default sale.

Does anybody have any idea what the issue can be?

Hi, we also have a case today where we see this, I believe the consultant working on the issue saw a difference using Chrome vs Edge. Do those behave differently for you as well?

Af: Frode Lillerud 1. jul 2021

Hi Frode.

Its the same result in both Chrome and Edge.

I haven't still been able to make any conclusions on why. I occurs for different users in different systems and different browsers. 

Af: Kasper Rosenlund 1. jul 2021

We just hit this problem as well and found a workaround.

Use the full URL but don't populate the three variables after sale_id and you'll get working url's again.

https:// /Cust00001/default.aspx?sale.main.activityarchive.minimonth?sale_id=****&document_id=&appointment_id=&diaryowner_id=

Af: Johan Spånberg 1. jul 2021

Hi Johan.

That seems to help at my end as well - thank you for the work-around :).

Af: Kasper Rosenlund 1. jul 2021