SO Web 8.5 - Long Loading Time

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We have a client who is testing SuperOffice 8.5 web before committing to an upgrade from 7.5. We have noticed that on several different computers it takes a great deal of time for SuperOffice to load after a user has entered his/her credentials. The time between logging in and SuperOffice Web actually loading is somewhere between 15-18 seceonds. After the user successfully logs in though, SuperOffice works without any issues and responds quickly. This client is very security minded and has a high level of restrictions in place as to what can be accessed outside the network.

I found an old thread that describes this very same situation but pertains to SuperOffice web 7.1:

The responses mention checking the web.config as well as default.aspx and login.aspx for any attempt by SuperOffice to reach outside the network via an IP address. After looking through everything though I cannot seem to find any indication of where that would be happening. As I am sure much has changed since SuperOffice 7.1 is there somewhere else that I should looking? Or, perhaps another reason entirely why this is occuring?

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RE: SO Web 8.5 - Long Loading Time

Check userpreference - how many rows?
Many with prefsection = Counter? If yes, delete them:

List GUI - Webpanel - any old list items with a URL here that no longer responds?

Af: Margrethe Romnes 21. aug 2019

RE: SO Web 8.5 - Long Loading Time

Also check the setting "LogToSuperOffice" in the web.config, if the server where SuperOffice Web runs does not have access to the outside that setting should be set to False.


Af: David Hollegien 21. aug 2019

RE: SO Web 8.5 - Long Loading Time

Also the browsercheck function could be in play here:
eg each time supoffice loads a check towards an external site hosted by superoffice runs a browsercheck if I understands correctly. 

value can be added to web.config to turn this off/set to false. I can however not find the setting at the moment.

Also try different browser on affected users/computers

Is it same behavior for the same user on another computer?


Af: Anders Larsson 27. aug 2019