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So8 Interests are hidden


When looking at SO8 WEB or ONLINE contact interests, only the selected are showen ! cant every interest been showen, regardless if they are selected or not.

RE: So8 Interests are hidden

Try to got to Admin module - Preferences - Grouped lists - Company Interest and set the value to one. They should show then.

Af: Piotr Wojcicki 30. jan 2017

RE: So8 Interests are hidden

Hi Rune,

Unfortunately this i not possible. Only the active interests are shown under a company card or person card. When you click Edit, the other interests are shown.

The Grouped list function Piotr meant is used to shown the interests under different headings when a contact / company is edited.

Af: Alexander Hesselberth 30. jan 2017

RE: So8 Interests are hidden

This is by design.
Register a wish to make this a user choice...


Af: Conrad Weyns 30. jan 2017