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Variables address Longitude & Lattitude

I was wondering if the Longitude and Lattitude fields have unique variables. I can't find them on the templae variables page within Help > Index. But i stumbled upon these fields when I was configuring my columns within a selection.

Does anyone know the specific variables? :)

RE: Variables address Longitude & Lattitude

No, the Win client has no support for these fields.
(The archive columns should probably be default hidden).


Af: Conrad Weyns 17. maj 2018

RE: Variables address Longitude & Lattitude

Thank you for your answer Conrad.

Any chance these fields become available in the future in SuperOffice Web?

Af: Rick van Overbeek 18. maj 2018

RE: Variables address Longitude & Lattitude

Hi Rick,
no idea. Some of these "nice to have for some future use" fields can stay dormant for decades.
In pre-cdd time they might even get kidnapped for something entirely different.

If you have a good use case, I suggest you register a wish.

Af: Conrad Weyns 18. maj 2018