Default recepiant for mail template


i try to create a mail template, where the "To" adress is set by a default value.

This was possible in older versions via Maillink -> Export to somail. i can open the somail file and the template looks good (To adress is set correctly)

However, if i upload the template to Superoffice and try to create it, the recepiant is overwritten by the contact i have selected in  the document screen.

Is there a new way, to create these templates? Or is there anything i am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help



*Edit November 18th*

Bug registered:

RE: Default recepiant for mail template


We have the same issue at a customer, support indicated that this was a deliberate change, we tried to get it registered as a bug or atleast wish but never got a response from that.

Af: David Hollegien 17. nov 2020

RE: Default recepiant for mail template

Indeed, it would be great to have the possibility to set a default recipient instead of using the selected contact

Af: Bas Kreijveld 17. nov 2020