Bulk update project list limited to the first 500?


In the Windows application I am trying to bulk-update the project on a number of documents.

However, the list is limited to only the first 500? (we have more than 4000 projects)

Is this a setting that can be changed somewhere? Or is it a bug?

(Running version 8.4.6915.14)


Peter Munk


RE: Bulk update project list limited to the first 500?

Hei Peter,

I have written both the Win and the Netserver bulkupdate system.
So I know it well.
I havn't put any limits in it.
But you can offcourse run out of memory..
(Web might perhaps have put some limits via their service layer which I know nothing about)
I regularly test on well over 2000 persons to get an idea of the current performance state with our daily test base.

Can you elaborate on your exact context.
Not sure what you mean by projects of document.

Are you bulkupdating 4000 document giving these another project id or 4000 projects.
Either way, there should be no limit.

Perhaps paste in a screen capture of the bulkupdate dialog.

Can you add this switch to your souser.ini:


This will open the dialog with a resultsview giving you running feedback while the job is running.
Wondering if you perhaps are running into lots of exceptions.
But the errors should simply accumulate per row and will show in the resultsview-





Af: Conrad Weyns 23. mar 2019

RE: Bulk update project list limited to the first 500?

Hi Conrad,

Thanks for your always quick response.

I have marked a number of documents in the Activities window then right-clicking on the selected rows and selecting "Bulk update selected rows".

Then I add "Project":

The list for selecting the project shows only 500 projects sorted alphabetically.

The joker "%" also does not seem to work on this list - not even among the 500 projects. 

The workaround is to temporarily rename the project adding "0" in the beginning...

Hope this gives you an idea of the problem.

Af: Peter Munk 23. mar 2019

RE: Bulk update project list limited to the first 500?

Aha, now I get it! I was way off in another universe :-)
I believe I have seen/heard about this one before. Can't seem to find the issue.
I will look into it.


I knew I had seen and read a very similar issue:

tfs 61920: Unable to search for more than 549 projects in follow-up bulk update Project field
12/03/2018. Not assigned yet..
But it is tagged as being a Web client issue.

The WIn client is using ever more Netserver providers, also in some of its searchable controls.
Quite possible that this is so in the GUI for the bulkupdate system.
Can't remember off hand.

I see from your screen shot that you are not seeing the Lookingglass:

Probably fixed in a later version I guess.
The Find system dialog should be a good work-around-But I have registered a new issue, 63713 and assigned it to me.




No, Win is using our own c++ FastSearcher here. Nothing hard-coded to limit the number of hits.
However, observe that this global preference will affect the query:


Af: Conrad Weyns 23. mar 2019

RE: Bulk update project list limited to the first 500?

Latest on this:

There is a upper limit for the number of items in the result dropdown list.
The db query is not limited but the number of list items populated are.
Actually it is less than you thought, it's 100 and surprise, it was increased from 20 to 100 in Changeset 54787

But, you should have the looking glass available! You probably need to update if you don't.
This will enable you you to get to the advanced search dialog.

I can easily increase the limit to 1000 but something has to give at some point.

This is a synchronous action that is automatically triggered after an inital idle period.
If you end up getting thousands of project items you will have to pay a price.

In our latest version, the Person Navigator searches asynchronously using a netserver provider in the back ( thus same search capabilities as in Web but with a nice progress spinner in the GUI). This allows the user to retain key-input sensitivity but at the cost of spawning new background threads that must all be allowed to terminate properly. At the very bottom, netserver's queries to the data base are allways synchronous. There is no way to abort a server request from the netserver db layer.

Bottom line.
I am not to keen to simply increase this limit. We could add a preference I suppose.
Another possible thing to look into is making the search better so you could enter a search string with some usefull wildcards.
This need to be looked into.

In this specific bulk-update value-field control, I have now added a checkbox for turning On/Off the global Skip-Completed preference since it will affect the result in both the history list and the search results.

This is not a local setting but mirrors the global setting found in the Project and Sale menus.




Af: Conrad Weyns 25. mar 2019

RE: Bulk update project list limited to the first 500?

Hi Conrad,

Thank you for your replies and explanations.

You are rigth, I do not have the looking-glass, so perhaps need an update to the lates version.


Thank you again for your assistance.


Af: Peter Munk 1. apr 2019