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E-mail invitation to participants


I have a few questions regarding the use and functionality of the email invitation to participants when creating a meeting etc in SuperOffice S&M.

I have found out that you can edit the templates in SO_ARC. But there is one line in the email invitation I have not found in the various templates:

"Klikk her for å åpne dialogboksen Invitasjon i SuperOffice CRM: superoffice://invitations" This is included when an "internal" users is invited. What is this url that is mentioned? And where can I edit the content of this url? As of now it does not work.

With regards to external participants. How can I see if a participant has accepted the invitation? Have tried this with a gmail account but the email just included a .ics file.

RE: E-mail invitation to participants

These come form the <bdll> and <bdlg> tags respectively.
They are written only if the booking is with an associate.
superoffice://invitations is an soprotocol and hard-coded. The text before it is from a resource: SR_PROTOCOL_INVITATION.

Try the soprotocol from the Run command prompt. It should invoke the invitation dialog.
It requires superoffice to have been registered to execute our SoProtocol.exe.

External participants have no access to SoCrm and cannot directly accept/reject an appointment.


Af: Conrad Weyns 27. sep 2017