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Edit document teplates in web admin


Trying to edit document templates from 8 sr5 web admin.

Opens the template in edit mode and save the changes. Opens the newly edited document in superoffice, and it shows you the old version.

Look in the so_arc/template folder it has created a copy of the document template with the ending .new, instead of the original document template beeing edited.

Any idea why we cant edit the document templates?


RE: Edit document teplates in web admin

I think you are in the Windows forum with a Web issue.
You'll have much better attention if you move it over there :-)

Af: Conrad Weyns 22. aug 2017

RE: Edit document teplates in web admin

fixed by setting the right permissions on so_arc for the impersonate user

Af: Gabriel Wiig 22. sep 2017