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How to set currency for sales report


We're using different currencies for sales potentials and have exhange rates setup within the administration module.

The conversion shows fine within a single sale where i can see the registered currency and the value in the base currency.

Example. i have 2 sales - one is 100DKR and the other is 100NOK

I would like to get a report that is just in DKR. At the moment it sums this up to 200

How can this be accomplished.

Best regards


RE: How to set currency for sales report


I have this question as well. From what I know SuperOffice does not support converting sales amounts converted to just one stanard currency in selections/dashboard. Did you find an answer for this? Or if someone else would like to chime in, I would be happy to hear if there is a way to get around this.

However, you can select "Currency" as a criteria in a selection so that you would have one sales selection in DKK and another selection for NOK. In that way you at least make sure you are not mixing different currency amounts in the same selection.

Af: Espen Steen 26. nov 2019

RE: How to set currency for sales report

probably not what you want but have you tried the archive's capability to show totals?.
1. Preferences/Section tabs/Can use toolbar Show totals
2. Right-click on Sale selection archive header: Show totals

Here you can select a new Currency and the amounts in the extra toolbar will be recalculated.

To understand how this works, look into SoCrm Archives.config.

<archive providername="saleselection" guiname="saleselectionmemberarchive">

<column name="amount" widthoverride="10c" sumalignment="right" sumrank="1" sumlabel="[SR_ARCHIVE_FOOTER_TOTALAMOUNT]" sumcurrencykey="currencyId" />
<column name="amountWeighted" ignore="false" sumalignment="right" sumrank="2" sumlabel="[SR_ARCHIVE_SALE_WEIGHTEDAMOUNT]" sumcurrencykey="currencyId"/>




Af: Conrad Weyns 26. nov 2019

RE: How to set currency for sales report

Hi Conrad

Interesting, does this sum convert all the sales in the selection into the currency you choose?

Anways, for me this question stems from a Web/Online customer (even though I realise we are in the Windows section now) and from what I know what you are referring to is Windows functionality only.


Ole: I would also like to point out that Business Analyze can convert currencies in a sales report, maybe that would be helpful for you?

Af: Espen Steen 26. nov 2019

RE: How to set currency for sales report

All it does is take in-memory data from loaded rows and calculate the amount and weighted amount, converting to a common currency (selected from the dropdwon list) on the way.
The columns need not be used physically. If the xml config file defines sum** attributes for a relevant column, the data will be fetched and live in the row (as a visible column or a virtual column).

It is meant as helpfull util - nothing more. It works on loaded rows only!
(And yes, Win only)


Af: Conrad Weyns 26. nov 2019

RE: How to set currency for sales report


This might not be exactly what you are looking for, but I would like to mention that Dashboards calculates currency correctly. When you make a new dashboard tile you can choose if the figure should show the sales amount in base currency or your own currency.


Af: Espen Steen 23. jan 2020