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Installation directory pops up when superoffice starts

Hi Everybody


I have a weird problem with a SuperOffice Windows Client that immediately after loading the windows client, silently makes a popunder of the installation directory in windows explorer. Everytime.


I've tried disabling all scripts, and applications in the GUI App list, but it still seem to popup nonetheless.


It's 8.4:


It's the same issue for all users.


Something you've seen before?


Thanks in advance

RE: Installation directory pops up when superoffice starts

My first thought would be the GUI Apps but you have already elliminated that.
Try a further process of ellimination by crippling features:
Remove also all Web panels first and try again.
Next use the Configure Navigator dialog to remove all but Company.
I am particularly interested in Inbox.


Does the problem percist?
If not, then add 1 navigator item at a time etc..


To cripple "sub" features you need the Choose Features system.
In 8.4 I think it still needs a feature toggle in your local souser.ini:


This should give you another menu item in the View menu:


Here you can Cripple in more details.
But beware, if you are only left with the Company main card, we tend to crash when you click around. Keep at least the Activities archive also :-)