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link length in project


At the project level there is a TAB called Links.

The link lenght on our installation is limited to 79 characters and I was wondering if there is a way to expand that length to 255 or maybe even more?

I've looked in the admin part without being able to find any place to change that lenght, please advice.

Thanks in advance


Best regards


Hi Ole!


Which version of SuperOffice is that?

Af: Emilija Vilija Treciokaite 10. jan 2018

Hi Emilija


It is SuperOffice 8.0.6465.1722




Af: Ole Ejlersen 10. jan 2018

Do you see the same behaviour on all the projects?

This has not been changed in the database, still 2046bit


Af: Emilija Vilija Treciokaite 10. jan 2018

The Description field is stored in the Relation Comment and is limited to 254 chars.
A link to a Url is stored in a url.url_address field and is limited to 1023.

I am confused, where in the GUI you are limited to 79 chars?
I have tried this now in our atest 8.2 but may be this is a old bug in 8.0..


More: I have now looked at the 8.0 code and this is an old bug.
The Url field length was hard-coded to 80 (79 + 0 termination) and the Comment field to 60 (59 + 0).

This was fixed only on the 9th of June 2017 (changeset 56186, issue 43191) so I guess you are looking at a upgrade to 8.2 

This is now 1023 and 254 respectively.

Af: Conrad Weyns 11. jan 2018