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mailling in win client 8.1


Upgraded to 8.1 and installed CS

the mailling show like it should using the web client.


But mailling in the win client doesn't load or show anything


any idea?

RE: mailling in win client 8.1

Did you write the Base URL in Admin?

Af: Emilija Vilija Treciokaite 7. dec 2017

RE: mailling in win client 8.1

yes, and the dashboards respons also in win client..

Af: Gabriel Wiig 7. dec 2017

RE: mailling in win client 8.1

Hard to say. Usualy, this is a configuration issue.
You need to be able to examine the url.
Here is how:

-------- SetPreference.vbs ------------

Set app = CreateObject( "SuperOffice.Application" )
If Not app Is Nothing Then
    Set prefs = app.Database.Preferences
    val = prefs.Get( "Mailings", "ShowUrlInMessagebox" )
    WScript.Echo val

    prefs.Set "Mailings", "ShowUrlInMessagebox", 1, 5 

    val = prefs.Get( "Mailings", "ShowUrlInMessagebox­" )
    WScript.Echo val
    WScript.Echo "Error getting application object"
End If


Run this script to set the Mailings/ShowUrlInMessagebox preference.
(No need to restart SoCrm!)

From the Mailings navigator dropdown list, select one item:


I.o.w. not simply click on the navigator.
This should now invoke a messagebox with the comlete url.
Copy the url to the clipboard and try it from in a browser.



Run the vb script again with 0 instead of 1 to turen the preference off again when you are done.:

prefs.Set "Mailings", "ShowUrlInMessagebox", 0, 5



Af: Conrad Weyns 8. dec 2017