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Modify quick preview window


Does anyone know if there are some possibilities to add fields f.ex to the new quick preview in SuperOffice 8. The preview is availible on both in Sales and Service contact, tickets etc, when you do a quick search.


RE: Modify quick preview window

Yes. Win uses the netserver PreviewHint system. This is plug-in based.
I am not the right person to tell you how to. I expect Tony will know.

All I know it what it returns:
- a Header with 2 text fields and 1 image
- a collection of Label/Value pairs for field data.

(Observe, there is no additional field meta data so the Win client has no means to magically make a field active like it can with archive providers)

In Win, you'd have to extend the local netserver configuration on every client after you have made you own previewHint provider or extended an existing one.


Af: Conrad Weyns 26. jun 2017

RE: Modify quick preview window

Hello, any hint on how to customize this in on-premise SuperOffice 8 CRM? Merge files or something else. In fact I want in Quick preview to display user-defined field form Company or Project respectively. This will improve the usability of SuperOffice.

Af: Boyan Yordanov 26. mar 2019