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Question regarding Relations between Sale and Project (in db)

Hi Forum.

I have this problem (or maybe I've misunderstood something).

1) Creating link to a Project from a Sale.

2) Relations table in DB gets a new line, with relDef_id = 10, source_table = 11 (project) and destination_table = 13 (sale)

3) Deleting link from the same Sale. Now the link can't be seen on the sale

4) At first it can't be seen at the project.

5) Pressing F5 -> Now the link can be seen again.

6) Restarting SO and the link is again present at the sale.


They are using SO 84 Windows, and the problems accours on several machines. All scripts are deactivated.

RE: Question regarding Relations between Sale and Project (in db)

Hi Kasper,

I can't reproduce this using my latest build (8.5). Nothing has happened around this code for a very very long time.

When Saving the Sale, the partner Project (trough the two-way-activityt link) will also get saved.
I tried to cause as much trouble as I could imagine by having the Project in Edit etc. but I was unable to reproduce it.
When you delete a link and click Save, the relation record should get deleted from the db.
I'd be interested to know if you see the relation record has been deleted from the db and if, after pressing F5, you see a new record appearing, thus with a new relation_id?
This could indicate that some exception occured in either the sale or project model causing the internal activitylinks data to not be updated. Then, a Shift-F5 or Restart will cause dirty models to get saved and the relation could be re-created.
When you say F5, I suspect you mean shift-f5.
F5 is a shallow flush that I dare garantee will reload all resident data correctly (also quite quick!) whereas the Shift-F5 is the full sledgehammer that quite honestly, even after over 15 years, we never managed to make 100% - better to do a restart.

Since you have turned off script events, I can't imagine why this should happen. Must be a bug then :-(
Is there anything interesting in the log?

Also, why would you need the F5?

Af: Conrad Weyns 2. maj 2019