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"Remove Company card corner tabs" preference?


we're troubleshooting issues with the cornertabs disappearing from the Company and Person screen for a customer with 800.000 companies.

What is the default value for "Remove Company card corner tabs" when no preference value is set?

Does the same preference apply for number of persons as well?

RE: "Remove Company card corner tabs" preference?

Hi Frode,
Win, 8.4
- Contact Panel uses Functions/DisableContactDogEar. default hard coded to 100 000.
This is the published preference you are showing.

- Person panel uses Functions/DisablePersonDogEar default hard coded to 200 000
A.f.a.i.c.s. this preference is actually not yet published and I cannot recollect that Win & Web have held hands on this issue...

I suppose I should make a tfs issue....


Another thing: The description in the primer data is not anylonger correct since the dogears are gone...


added tfs 61667: DisabelContactDogEar and DisablePersonDogEar preferences need an update..

Af: Conrad Weyns 15. nov 2018

RE: "Remove Company card corner tabs" preference?

Excellent, thank you Conrad!

Af: Frode Lillerud 15. nov 2018