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WAN Access

Hi, a customer of mine (SO7.5) needed to go away from Citrix and has 40 users in the field with a Win Client (no remote user).
Now (who wonders) they have severe performance issues with these guys accessing the SuperOffice Server and SQL Server through VPN/WAN.

We are now planning to get the users towards Web, but this is for other reasons not an easy task. I recall that there were some settings in the local ini that helped improve performance on the client on this kind of setup, but I didn't find these settings. Can anyone help out please? Any tips&tricks welcome.

RE: WAN Access

I am not aware of any magic you can put into your local souser.ini or superoffice.ini file that will boost performance.
If this were the case, why should it not be the default?

The infrastructure is vital. The full patch too&froo the db is most important.
8.x is even more demanding then 7.5.


Af: Conrad Weyns 17. maj 2017

RE: WAN Access

No my name is not Harry Potter - no magic!

Here is what I remember: There are two things that make performance bad.

1. ODBC to remote SQL Server
2. SO-ARC remote share on SuperOffice Server

ODBC you casn not really do anything.
Regarding SO-ARC:

-some created a local copy which helped, especially if the remote user is NOT creating any documents, in a logon script documents were copied down form the network drive

- other local caching possible? probably not

thanks for the reply.

Af: Klaus Feierlein 17. maj 2017

RE: WAN Access

Here is some of the advice we used to give on this on the SuperOffice technical academy.

Typically the WAN network will be subject to minor glitches in the communication, which a web application would not even notice, but the Windows will crash no matter how short the "outage" is. Recommendation: Do not use WIN over WAN.

The other regarding the performance I seem to remember had a lot to do with the increased latency time. Again, the Windows Client - Server application is not designed for a minimalistic use of the communication channel to the database so traffic that would be accomodated easy in the LAN would be a bottleneck in the WAN. WAN capacity and responsivness has of course improved but this could still be an issue.

As for Remote Travel we used to say that you could have access to all documents while on travel by setting the Central SO_ARC path to ArchivePath2 on the client. This would of course work well for being on remote travel. If you reverse it, you may improve things by having a reasonably large and relevant copy of the so_arc on the PC as ArchivePath (1) and then the central as ArchivePath2, but that would require some sync tool of the folder and in my mind becomes to messy to recommend it.

So my conclusion is still that running WIN client over WAN is not best practice. Why not move to web? It is designed for that scenario!!

Af: Stein Ove Sektnan 17. maj 2017