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Activities tab from Sales in Service?

A prospect asked us yesterday if it was possible to see all activities for a company/contact when looking at that entity in Service, so basically having the activities tab in Sales on the company/contact card in Service.

Is it possible to achieve that without remaking the tabs entirely?

RE: Activities tab from Sales in Service?

Hi Patrik,

as far as I can think of - you've got two options:

1: Use listTableEntries:

Create a web panel on the company card in Service, add a Url of the type Ticket, and the rest should look like this:




- Quick and cost efficient


- Does not look good, and you've got limited functionality


2: Create a script that displays a HTML table.

Here's a quick example of how it could look like:

.table {
  border-collapse: collapse;
.table th, .table td {
  text-align: left;
  padding: 5px; 10px;
.table td {
  border-top: 1px solid #ccc;
<table class="table">
  String contactId = getCgiVariable("contactId");
  if(contactId.toInteger() > 0)
    SearchEngine se;
    se.addCriteria("appointment.document_id", "LtE", "0");
    se.addCriteria("appointment.contact_id", "Equals", contactId);
    for(; !se.eof();
      String ownerName = se.getField("");
      String personName = se.getField("appointment.person_id.fullName");
      String taskName = se.getField("");
      String doBy = DateTime(se.getField("appointment.do_by")).toString("DD2.MM2.YY4, HH24:MI2");
      printLine("<td>" + ownerName + "</td>");
      printLine("<td>" + taskName + "</td>");
      printLine("<td>" + personName + "</td>");
      printLine("<td>" + doBy + "</td>");

And add it as a web panel on the company card in Service.



- You can make whatever functionality you want

- It can be as sexy as you want


- Requires Expander Services (should be on the pro list)

- Can cost a lot more than the customer is willing to pay

Af: Simen Mostuen Iversen 1. jul 2021

RE: Activities tab from Sales in Service?

Hi Patrik!

We have exactlly that need in our installation with our phone integration.

And this is how we solved it:
When a caller is identified the person card is displayed in Sales.
And there you see all tickets, all appointments and all documents for that person. And as a bonus you also see if he/she is a member in a project or part of a sale. Straight out of the box.

And to make it easy for the agent to navigate to this information we have a simple shortcut from person view in Service saing "Open in Sales"

And from person view in Sales a task item "Creat ticket"

If you show this to the prospect end also mention the pricetag you probably have a good answer if this is so important that they are prepared to pay a lot for a customization that is just one tab away..


Af: Göran Falkman 6. jul 2021

RE: Activities tab from Sales in Service?

Thanks Göran, that's a good approach to show a more cost efficient solution to the customer!

Af: Patrik Larsson 6. jul 2021