Classified exception?

Hi there. A customer recently complained that one specific ticket cannot be opened, it comes up with the generic error screen in service.

As you can see, i've tried to activate print exceptions on screen at the debug menu, but it just tells me the exception is classified. I've checked the debug log, and i've checked the log folder on the server (in the customer service folder)

There are no logs of this event - i can get to the edit screen, but get the same message when i try to save.

The customer is using a custom version of View Ticket, but the standard view ticket screen (without alterations) has been tried as well, same result.


So where can i find the log message, that im told is logged, so i can see what is wrong??



RE: Classified exception?


If this is online you will have to ask online operations for this, otherwise you need to log onto the server hosting CS and look in the log folder.

Af: David Hollegien 3. nov 2020

RE: Classified exception?

This is on-prem, and as i wrote, i already checked the log folder, which is empty - no logs :)

Af: Dennis Aagaard Mortensgaard 3. nov 2020

RE: Classified exception?

Hello Dennis,

Are the paths to the log folder correct? You can check with the following query's:

select warning from crm.config
select value from crm.REGISTRY where reg_id = 40

You can also test if the log is being written at all by executing the logMessage function in a script.


Af: David Hollegien 3. nov 2020