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Customer Center ticket access for several companies


More and more we get questions from customer on how they can view tickets from several customers in Customer Center.

Typically there are two or more companies belonging to the same consern/business group, and there is one IT admin that should have access to all the tickets from all the companies in the same consern/business group.

It is not possible the use the same username for Customer Center on two persons, so how could it be possible to achieve this kind of functionality?


RE: Customer Center ticket access for several companies

Hi Ingar, 

what I've done in previous solutions is to build this functionality.

You'll need a new listTickets.html and listTicket.html screen (or script if it's an online solution) for it to work as there are sentries checking your rights in the standard screens.

Af: Simen Mostuen Iversen 3. dec 2020