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See who has read an FAQ post?

Is it possible within standard functionality to see who has read an FAQ post in Customer Center?

It would be possible to do some logging using CRMScript and adapting the page.

RE: See who has read an FAQ post?

There are no places that you can store this logging out of the box.

You'd require some additional tables to support this functionality.


Step 1: Add an extra table with fields such as Contact relation, FAQ relation, Date and time

Step 2: Add a short code on the viewKbEntry.html page which is something like this:


String customerId = getParserVariable("");
String entryId = getCgiVariable("id");

if(customerId.toInteger() > 0)
  ExtraTable et = getExtraTable("y_logging");
  et.setValue("x_customer_id", customerId);
  et.setValue("x_faq_id", entryId);
  et.setValue("x_read", getCurrentDateTime().toString());;


Of course, this could be done in many ways, but depends on the needs.

Af: Simen Mostuen Iversen 1. jul 2021