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Service - Too many redirects


I am setting up an on-site installation of sales and marketing for a client who will be upgrading to 9.1. The installation is on a new VM separate from their production enviornment.

The client wants to test and work out any issues before the upgrade. I have installed Sales and Marketing and then placed a new record in the 'hosts' file with the proper IP address and domain name that will be used later. I have used this method for testing many times before without any issues.

Sales is working fine. However, when I browse to either Marketing or Service I receive errors such as "This page isn't directing properly" or " redirected you too many times".

Can anyone offer any suggestions on what may be the issue?

Thank you,




RE: Service - Too many redirects

Hi Brian,

hope you are doing fine. The issue is missing Updates on the Server. In the last cases and topics here in Community it was always missing .net updates.


Same here:





Af: Alexander Wohland 8. okt 2020

RE: Service - Too many redirects

Hi Alexander,

The updates did it. Thank you, I really appreciate the help.

Af: Brian Huelsman 8. okt 2020