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Not all images / Thumbnails are showing in Mailings

After we have moved CS installation to another server, some of the thumbnails under mailings are just frames with a cross in it.

As there are only some of the images, I've ruled out security issues on folder levels.

But I suspect that we are missing some files or that there is some differences between the database content and the file content.

But how can I find the correct file from the image in CS?

I can use inspect the element and it showes something like for instance document:27

Can I find the images (thumbnails and other) following the shipment in s_shipment table?

RE: Not all images / Thumbnails are showing in Mailings

Hi Ingar,

I think the thumbnails are retrieved from files on disk. I don't remember exactly where, but somewhere around c:\SuperOffice\Customer Service\Thumbnails, or something like that.

Make sure that all files are present  there.

Af: Frode Lillerud 24. feb 2017

RE: Not all images / Thumbnails are showing in Mailings

Hi Ingar,

I had the same issue when we changed the URL for Customer Service. To solve this you first need to be sure that the images are still on the correct location and that eMarketing can find them. In our case we had to update the URL first in the tables ej_message and s_message.

I found out thay the Thumbnails are created dynamicly when you open or edit a mailing / tempate the first time. Becaue we had wrong references to the images the first time, we also ended up with red crosses in the thumbnails.

After we had the correct references to the images we opened and saved the templates / mailings. From that moment the thumbnail was recreated and showed the correct information. 

Af: Alexander Hesselberth 28. feb 2017