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Unsubscribe - Company email

In our system, due to integrations with other systems we end up sending emails to many company emails.However, this has a downside that the unsubscribe link will not work for mailings sent to company emails, only on contacts. Is this somethign that has been / will be corrected in future versions?

Currently on SO 8.0.6144.342

RE: Unsubscribe - Company email

Hi Thomas,

it is alraedy registered as a Bug and will be fixed in future Versions





Af: Alexander Wohland 21. nov 2017

RE: Unsubscribe - Company email

What is the status on this issue?

Is this really viewed as an bug by R&D? Can we expect this to be changed?

Af: Espen Steen 6. dec 2018

RE: Unsubscribe - Company email

Would like to know this as well. We also have several customers who send marketing mailings to company emailaddresses. As a workaround, they now use two different templates. One template to Persons with the normal unsubcribe link, and another template for companies with a Tracked Link. But ofcourse that's not ideal.

So I'm also curious what the current status is regarding this issue. :)

Af: Rick van Overbeek 12. dec 2018

RE: Unsubscribe - Company email

Are there any news about this issue? 

Is there a good workaround wtihout using scripts, for customer who don't have the expander services? 

I have seen that the bug is still status: reported and serverity: high

Af: Fabio Schneider 20. nov 2020