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Pocket CRM

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    Your office in your pocket!

    Pocket CRM Client is an app that is installed on a mobile device.

    Key benefits

    Install the Pocket CRM app to access the SuperOffice database when you are out and about. No matter where you are, you can view and update all your CRM data, including appointments, documents, e-mail and e-mail attachments, future sales, delayed sales, sale statuses, projects, project members, selections, your diary and your colleagues' diaries. And all in real-time! Install the Pocket CRM app on your mobile phone, tablet or other supported device (see below).
    • Use and update customer data

    • Be up-to-date on your schedule and your colleagues.

    • Manage sales teams and sales opportunities, and see pipeline and numbers.

    • View development in projects.

    • Gives you access to your company's SuperOffice database, when you need it, whenever you are.

    • Keeps you up-to-date with your appointments: you can respond to invitations and receive replies from your contacts instantly.

    • You can follow up colleagues and sales in progress, round the clock and from anywhere.

    • You can stay up-to-date with projects.

    • Better customer satisfaction, since you can deal with enquiries instantly.

    • Save valuable time and increase data quality by updating information while you are on a visit, instead of having to wait until you return to the office.


    System Requirements

    Pocket CRM supports Android and iOS. Read more in our System Requirements page.

    Apps are distributed via the respective OS' app store channels. 


    Recommended configurations for Pocket CRM:

    Upgrade to SuperOffice 8 -> Automatically update clients from Pocket Server to Netserver

    Client configurations - Setting up an e-mail account 

    Admin configurations - Add a Template for incoming images (jpeg) 

    Admin configurations - Add a Follow-up type for SMS 

    Pocket releases
    for SuperOffice 8
    Produkt Version Trin Frigivet