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Migrate to Online

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    If you want to migrate to CRM Online you should contact your SuperOffice sales person, who will help you start the process.

    The migration process must be initiated by your SupeOffice sales representative since all migrations will involve SuperOffice Online Operations. The sales representative will enlist a responsible technical consultant that will execute the migration (Migrator).

    If you have customizations or integrations, these may not be working after the migration. Check with the customization or integration developer if they have this available for CRM Online too, or check if the App Store have an app you may use instead.

    Your on site SuperOffice version:

    You need to be on at least version 7.1 to migrate to CRM Online. If you run an older version of SuperOffice than 7.1, then an upgrade must be performed first. 

    SuperOffice Admin check:

    The migrator needs access to SuperOffice administration client with a user with SuperOffice administrative rights. Before migrating you will need to go through the following steps in the administration client:

    • Make sure no users have duplicate email addresses:


    • Make sure all the users who should have access to SuperOffice Online have a license & a valid email address
    • Make sure there are no users currently on Travel
    • Make sure that you do not use SuperOffice Satellite and have active satellites.

    Customer service mailboxes

    If you have Customer Service and want to migrate your data to our cloud we will create new email addresses for you.


    Our cloud solution uses its own email service. This provides your company with your own new email addresses. Your new SuperOffice domain name will be based on your company name:


    How does this affect your company?

    Simple! You will have to choose between have two alternatives:

    1. Keep the old email addresses and set up email forwarding to the new email address
    2. Use the new email addresses generated by SuperOffice

    If you want to keep your old email addresses?

    No problem! But if you want to keep the old email addresses you will need to set up forwarding from your old email address to the new address generated by SuperOffice. Contact your current email provider to setup this. To learn how to find your new SuperOffice email addresses: SuperOffice Mailboxes

    Also! If you choose to use your old email addresses, you might need to add an “SPF Record”.


    The purpose of an SPF record is to prevent spammers from sending messages with forged From addresses at your domain. Without the SPF record you risk having some emails from your customers ending up as spam.


    To add the SPF record, forward this information to your domain provider and refer to the following SPF (TXT) record: v=spf1 ~all

    Downtime during migration:

    You will have some downtime during the migration, the time depends on how large the database and document archive is.

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