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    Before you may install SuperOffice web version you need to install the SuperOffice CRM server to set up/upgrade the database.

    A SuperOffice 8 CRM server database must be available, to install see CRM Server

    NetServer Web Services may be installed separately to use with Customer Service and Pocket CRM.

    Which Services end point to use?
    Versions / client Web Service
    9.1 and newer services88 services88
    8.5 R09 - R15 services88 services88
    8.5 R01 - R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R07, R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R01 - R06 services86 services86
    8.3 R02, R03, R04 services86 services86
    8.3 R01 services85 services85
    8.2 services84 services84
    8.1 services84 services84
    8.0 SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6 services82 services82
    8.0, SR1, SR2 services80 services80

    Pocket CRM will automatically pick up the correct Services folder.

    Planned, current and old releases of SuperOffice
    Produkt Version Trin Frigivet