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Install Audience

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    The installation of Audience consists of two tasks:

     1. Setting up the web folder and installing files.

     2. Configuring Audience

    The second step can be rerun later by running the configuration wizard from SuperOffice Audience start-menu folder.

    The configuration wizard is used to update the settings in the web.config file located in the Audience folder. If you have experience with editing web.config files directly you may open the web.config file in a text editor instead of using the configuration wizard. We recommend that you use the configuration wizard.


    Install Files and Setting up Web Folder

    Run the SuperOffice Audience installer (Setup.exe) and follow the steps below:

    Click “Next” to go to the destination folder dialog: 

    Select the location where you want SuperOffice Audience to be installed.

    Regardless of what destination folder is for as SuperOffice Audience, the Audience web-site will be setup in a virtual folder called “audience” on the default-website in IIS, accessible from http://localhost/audience. This can later be changed in the Internet Information Services Management Console.

    Click “Next” to go to the Installation Confirmation dialog: 

    Click “Install” to start the SuperOffice Audience installation. Wait while Audience is installed: 


    Configure SuperOffice Audience

    After installation is completed you are given the option to start the SuperOffice Audience Configuration Wizard. 

    Like the installation program, the SuperOffice Product Configuration program is designed as a wizard. The wizard is divided into so-called chapters. In addition to the Back and Next navigation buttons, you can use the clickable links on the left hand side of the dialogs, which take you directly to the corresponding chapter. If an input field in the wizard has invalid content, the name of the field is shown in red, and the Next button is disabled. All default values are retrieved from the selected configuration file.

    Make sure you test connection successful in the Database settings chapter, and under the Document archive you need to add a valid Impersonate user to gain access to download documents from Audience.


    Setting up the SuperOffice Audience Application

    Log in to SuperOffice Audience as a SuperOffice Administrator user. You should be able to use the url http://localhost/Audience from the web server.

    When the Audience home page appears, you should have a small icon on the right side of the screen, just below the Audience logo. Press this button to enter the SuperOffice Audience Admin module. Continue to configure all settings according to the help file. (Each section has a Help link in its upright corner.)