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    Local Updates

    In order to use SuperOffice Sales & Marketing on a computer that is not connected to the network, you will need to perform a local update to transfer information from the central database to the local one. All documents created by the current user in the current and previous six-month periods will be copied from the SO_ARC folder on the server to the SO_LOCAL folder on the local PC. This folder is created automatically when you install Travel. The data in the database are copied from the prototype, so you need to have generated an update prototype before you can perform a local update. This is done in the Maintenance Client. See "Create an update prototype".

    Note: The prototype must be a new one for the local update to take the shortest possible time.

    To perform a local update:

    1. Click the Travel button in the Navigator. (This icon is only available if you have been given travel rights in SOAdmin - Users )
    2. This opens a window asking you to confirm that you want to prepare the local database for use outside the network. Choose Yes.
    3. Note: You must save and close any open documents before you start the preparation process.
    4. The update begins and a message box shows that the information in the update prototype is being copied to the local database.
    5. Note: All your own documents from the current and previous six-month periods will be copied automatically. To take older documents with you, or other users’ documents, you must copy manually the folders they are in located in. All new document templates and those amended since you last ran an update, will be copied to the local document archive folder.
    6. When the update is completed, the message box closes and then Sales & Marketing closes automatically.
    7. You can now disconnect the computer from the network and start to use Sales & Marketing locally on the remote PC. Note: You cannot by default log in to Sales & Marketing from another PC on the network while you are using Travel. It is possible to set a preference to enable this.
    8. When you reconnect your computer to the network, SuperOffice recognize that the central database is available and ask you if you want to update. Answering Yes to this question will send all your changes to the central database, and kill the travel database. Next time you want to travel, you need to perform a new local update.