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    said Sales ID (hidden, unique ID).
    saam Sale amount.
    saau Associate who made the sale.
    sacu Sale currency.
    sanu Sales number.
    sape Sale, end date for publishing.
    saps Sale, start date for publishing.
    sati Title of the sale.
    sf01-10 Brukerdefinert felt 1-10 av typen desimaltall.
    sl01-60 Brukerdefinert felt 1-60 av typen heltall.
    ss01-49 Brukerdefinert felt 1-49 av typen tekst.
    ** New sale variables from CRM 7 / Changed in 7.0
    sada Sale date, formatted 02.11.2011 (systemformat)
    saco Sale competitor (List item text)
    sacr Sale credited (List item text)
    sadu Sale next due date, formatted 02.11.2011 (systemformat)
    sapr Sale probability
    sare Sale reason (List item text)
    saso Sale source (List item text)
    sast Sale stage (List item text)
    satu Sale status text ("Open", "Sold", "Lost" or "Stalled")
    saty Sale type (List item text)
    sgui Is the sale guided? Translated "Yes" or "No".
    sste Is Stakeholders enabled on this sale. Translated "Yes" or "No".
    New variables from 7.5 SR1
    saea Sale earning amount
    saep Sale earning percent
    salc Sale cost amount
    sanf Sale info text
    sarg Sale registered date
    saci Sale created associate id
    saca Sale created associate (Full name)