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Choosing the travel database type

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    From CRM 7 SR1 you are free to choose type of travel database independent on what type of database your central database is running.

    SQL Express 2012 is supported from 7.0 SR3

    SQL Express 2008 is supported from 7.0 SR1

    Sybase 12 is used as built-in from 7.0 SR1.
    To use Sybase 12 owned license you need to follow these steps

    If you're running SuperOffice earlier versjon than 7.0 SR1 your central database type determines the kind of travel database type you may use.

    Central database type

    MS SQL Express travel database

    Sybase travel database (requires a Sybase license) Built-in travel database
    Microsoft SQL 2008 Server X X
    Microsoft SQL 2005 Server From 6.2 we support SQL Express 2005 only
    X X
    Oracle X X