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CRM Server

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    SuperOffice Customer Relationship Management onsite is scalable, flexible and simple to use.   The biggest benefits of this is that you can control the CRM software, in-house, while minimizing the risk of downtime, server overloads, system failures, and other technical issues.

    The CRM server must be installed before you install any one of our clients, this is where you set up the database and it will also create client setup for using Sales & Marketing windows client.

    SuperOffice - a dive into our technological platform (download as pdf)

    This document describes the SuperOffice CRM product in a general, operational context with a peek into our Development strategy and main USP’s This should not be considered a complete cookbook on how to run SuperOffice , since that is dependent on a number of parameters – Network architectures , usage patterns and integrations. Instead, it outlines several scenarios and describes what to look for and what to expect when using SuperOffice and its modules.