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    Preparing to install SuperOffice products, make sure you install all products under the same domain.

    From SuperOffice 8 you must run all three installers

    All SuperOffice products must be installed on the same domain, under different directories. Like for example and
    From SuperOffice 8.1 all authentication for Sales web client and Service clients is done by the Sales web client. After successfully authenticating a sessionkey is stored in browser cookie which also registeres the users We call this Unified login, where you will be logged in to both clients or logged out of both clients. 

    • SuperOffice S&M Win with the ServerSetup will set up the database, document archive with templates (so_arc) and the Windows client installers.
    • SuperOffice S&M Web will install webtools for win and mac users. Note that the web maintenance client is from SuperOffice 8 the main maintenance tool, but there are still a few options left in the windows maintenance client only.
    • SuperOffice Service will install both Service and Mailings. 
    • Note!
      If you are running SuperOffice on a Terminal server / Citrix environment then SuperOffice 8.0 SR1 have added support for SuperOffice WebTools. Earlier versions stored information in IsolatedStorage which is not part of the roaming profiles.

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