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Expander Services – a toolbox for customizing SuperOffice CRM

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    You can customize SuperOffice CRM to fit your business model and needs through a number of options available in the Settings and maintenance module.

    However, sometimes you need more than what is available out-of-the-box. For such instances we have – Expander Services, which contains a range of tools you can use to create one-off customizations of your SuperOffice CRM solution.

    What is Expander Services?

    Expander Services is our name for a set of tools that allow you to customize your CRM solution and to integrate other applications with SuperOffice. These tools extend beyond the standard configuration options offered to you out-of-the-box in the Settings and maintenance.

    In addition to the standard apps, the Expander Services toolkit is also available for SuperOffice CRM Online users in the SuperOffice App Store.

    Once you subscribe to Expander Services you get access to the following tools:

    The Expander Services toolbox


    CRMScript is a highly flexible scripting language embedded in SuperOffice CRM that allows you to create different automations and workflows to fit the ways your business works.

    If you use SuperMacros – pre-defined triggers and actions that allow you to set up “if this, then that” type of workflows in SuperOffice CRM – then, you’re actually using CRMScript, because the macros are based on CRMScript.

    We advise you to explore the possibilities of SuperMacros before you start looking at CRMScript to define a workflow for your company. The reason is that SuperMacros do not require you to know CRMScripting, only a strong overview of how SuperOffice CRM works.

    CRMScript, on the other hand, requires technical skills and is ideal for those who are already familiar with such programming languages as C, C++ and Java syntax.

    SuperOffice CRM comes with a set of pre-defined tables where data can be stored. There is an underlying logic as to how these tables or data entries relate to each other.

    In the default set of tables, some are called “user-defined”, which means that you can define what type of data and properties these tables should have. Known as “User-defined fields” these allow you to add dates, numbers, text or check-boxes and place them on the Company, Project or Appointment cards, and so on.

    If you need more tables, you can add extra ones to the database when you subscribe to Expander Services. These tables are fully available for users of SuperOffice Service plan to view, edit, search and include in data reports.

    Meanwhile, the users of the Standard, Sales or Marketing user plans can access extra tables via web panels (i.e. additional tabs), and the data is available when they search, configure columns and create selections. Users are not able to edit information in the extra tables via the Sales or Marketing user interface, nor are data included in Reports. 

    To add extra tables requires technical knowledge. Usually, extra tables are used in combination with custom screens.

    Using the Expander Services tools, you can create new screens in SuperOffice Service to fit your specific business processes.

    For example, if in order to register a new service ticket you require a different set of information than what is provided out-of-the-box, you can customize the system the way you need.

    Often used in combination with extra tables, defining your own custom screens gives you even greater flexibility to customize SuperOffice CRM.

    Custom screens created for SuperOffice Service can be made available to users of the Standard, Sales or Marketing user plans via web panels.

    You’ll need substantial technical knowledge to create custom screens.   

    Finally, you also get access to all available SuperOffice APIs, including REST, SOAP, WebHooks, Connectors, Database Mirroring Service, and Integration Servers.

    The APIs are available in a Software Developers Kit (SDK) that contains documentation, guides, tutorials, example codes, and downloads. These kits are available for the Windows, Web and Online versions of SuperOffice CRM.

    Software partners of SuperOffice typically use the API tools when developing standard apps and integrations that they offer as products in the SuperOffice App Store.

    What can Expander Services tools be used for?

    Expander Services tools allow you to tailor the CRM system to suit your business needs:

    • You can customize how users interact with SuperOffice CRM in terms of what they can see or do in it.
    • You can customize SuperOffice Service, by adding extra tables and screens or creating new scripts and new macros.
    • You can automate processes, workflows and specific actions.
    • You can expand the functionality of SuperOffice CRM by developing a custom app that contains a brand new functionality specific to your company and processes.
    • You can add integrations to other business systems not available as a standard module or app in the SuperOffice App Store.

    As your needs grow, so the capabilities of your CRM solution can expand.  

    How does Expander Services work?

    Once you subscribe to Expander Services, additional options will become available to you in the Settings and maintenance module. For example, you’ll get access to the CRMScript, Extra tables, and Custom Screen options.

    To create one-off customizations for SuperOffice CRM Online you’ll also need to register your customization as a “custom app” linked to your company. Each custom app is given a unique ID and token and has to be validated by SuperOffice AS before it becomes available in the production environment. This is done to ensure that customizations do not affect performance or security in any way.

    This registration form is also available in the SuperOffice App Store under the Custom App details. Upon submission of this form, you or your integration partner will receive the unique ID and token to identify your custom app and access a sandbox environment where the customization can be developed and tested.   

    If you have your SuperOffice CRM installation on your own server (on-premises deployment), you don’t need to get a unique ID and token from us. It is advised, however, that you test all customizations in a separate environment and ensure everything is well documented for the future management of your solution.

    Is Expander Services for everybody?

    Expander Services is available for all customers. It doesn’t matter if you run SuperOffice CRM in the cloud or have it installed on your premises.

    The information about SuperOffice APIs and related documentation is available in our Developer club on the Community site, where you and your partners can find extensive documentation, tips, examples, forum groups and support tools related to various customizations.

    Feel free to register and log in to the Community. You can access all the documentation online, regardless if you have Expander Services or not.

    When do you need to buy Expander Services?

    Expander Services is the license you need in order to gain access to these particular customization tools.

    This means that  you do not need to buy Expander Services to use the standard customization tools available in the Settings and maintenance module. You are free to customize your solution using for example with your definition of lists, privacy settings, templates, Sales or Project guides, user-defined fields and SuperMacro’s,  and so on.   

    Furthermore, no Expander Services lisence is required by companies running SuperOffice CRM in the cloud and who want to use any of the standard applications available in the SuperOffice App Store. Standard apps also let you customize your solution with integrations or offer additional capabilities that fit many companies.

    There are also many standardised modules and add-ons available for companies running SuperOffice CRM on their own servers.

    However, if you are running SuperOffice CRM on your premises, you always need to have Expander Services to add integrations or customizations to your solution, whether these are customized for you or standard add-ons.

    Once you have bought Expander Services, you may use it as often you like and add as many customizations you want without affecting the costs.

    Which of these customization tools you use will depend upon your requirements, the skills you have to use them and your willingness to pay for expertise.

    What is the cost of Expander Services?

    The rates for the Online and Onsite Expander Services subscription license are as follows:

    Prices for Expander Services

    Fee per month

    Fee per month


    Fee per month


    Fee per month


    Fee per month


    Fee per month


    Online/Onsite Subscription








    If you are not subscribing to SuperOffice, but instead have a maintenance contract from before 2015, the prices are different from those above. Please contact us to find the exact price.  

    How to get Expander Services?

    If you wish to customize and change the standard set-up of your SuperOffice CRM with the help of the Expander Services toolkit, you can, first of all, contact your local SuperOffice partner or representative.

    They will be happy to discuss your requirements and wishes, and offer you recommendations on how to proceed. Based on your requirements, they will give you a quote or recommend a specialist partner.

    All you need to do is set a convenient date, and before you know it – you are up and running with a customized SuperOffice CRM!

    In the meantime, why not browse our App Store and see what standard extensions are available there, and get inspired or simply proceed with an app?

    You can also contact vendors directly and find out what options there are to create a tailored version of these apps for your business. The vendors can tell you whether an app is available for you if you run SuperOffice CRM on your premises.