Changes to PartnerSystemUser SOAP endpoint

Hello there fellow community members!

I just wanted to share with you a minor change coming to our System User flow, specifically the PartnerSystemUserService endpoint response - used for obtaining system user credentials from a signed system user token.

The change is the actual XML response. If you are using standards based approach to obtaining an element value from the XML you should be OK and good to go. 

The current response format (in Production)

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
    <AuthenticationResponse xmlns="">
      <ErrorMessage i:nil="true" xmlns:i=""/>

The future response format: (currently available for testing in SOD)

		<AuthenticationResponse xmlns="">
			<ErrorMessage xsi:nil="true" />

If you are using the system user functionality in production, we highly recommend you verify it is working as expected in the SOD environment now, otherwise you may problems when this new format goes into production.  Estimated arrival in production is May 9th (just a few days away).

Best regards!

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