Adding links to sales



I'm trying to add some links to sales via the Rest API, but I can't find any examples of how it's supposed to work. Can you direct me to some examples?

Hi Camelia,

You only have to populate the Links array with the entity type and the Id of the entity. The exception is entity type "url", where you must populate the url in the ExtraInfo property.

"Links": [
      "EntityName": "url",
      "Id": 2,
      "Description": "WebSite Link",
      "ExtraInfo": "",
      "EntityName": "project",
      "Id": 2,
      "Description": "Project Link",
      "EntityName": "sale",
      "Id": 11,
      "Description": "Sale Link",
      "EntityName": "document",
      "Id": 8,
      "Description": "Document Link",
      "EntityName": "appointment",
      "Id": 78,
      "Description": "Appnt Link",

Hope this helps!

Von: Tony Yates 8. Dez 2020

Awesome! Thank you very much Tony!

This works!

I got close to it when I made my experiments, but I think it's the `ExtraInfo` on the url that tripped me up. That's the only type that I was interested in. 

Von: Camelia Smeria 8. Dez 2020